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ISO9000 quality management system is the international organization for standardization (ISO) is one of the international standard in the global scope, the members of the organization of more than 100 countries and regions. Current global had dozens thousand factories and enterprises, government agencies, organizations and other service organization import ISO9000 quality management system authentication institutions and third-party authentication certificate issued by the organization, the latest ISO standard of ISO9000:2000 series, now the latest standard for 2015 standards, four core standards: the quality management system and terminology, quality management system, quality management system, quality and performance improvement guide (or environmental management system audit guidelines, including the ISO9001 quality management system requirements: 2008 is based on standard authentication institutions, but also the audit certification enterprises need to meet the standard.
In the 1990s, China will standard of ISO9000 series into national standards, then, the standard of ISO9000 series industries will be converted to industry standards. At that time, each big enterprise in the face of ISO9000 standard, raise the raging of ISO9000. Internal auditors stable ISO9000 standard, training, enterprise on-site audit... . These phenomena that the enterprise of ISO9000 attention to high degree.
Enterprise passed ISO9000 meaning:
A, emphasize customer-focused company through various means, to gain understanding and customer requirements, customer requirements, through the process of operation to satisfy customer's requirements and even exceed customer requirements, and customer satisfaction through measuring for customer satisfaction, the program to improve the feeling in the heart, enhance customer customer confidence,
Second, clear company top management directly involved in activities of the quality management system, the company formulated from the quality policy and each level quality objectives, top management level in through the quality target in judging the quality management system, the operation performance of regular direct participation in management review master the quality system, and the overall situation for system timely deficiency take measures, from the aspects of resources; ensure sufficient
Third, the functions and levels of responsibility and authority and the mutual relationship, and education, internal auditors from training, skills and experience all aspects of clear capability requirements to ensure that they are competent, through the whole memberses participate to the quality system establishment, operation and maintenance activities, to ensure the smooth operation of the company each link,
Four, the explicit control may produce unqualified products each link, to produce the unqualified products isolation, and through the institutionalization of disposal for data analysis, produce the root cause of the unqualified products, through the correct or preventive measures to prevent the occurrence or unqualified, thereby lowering happening again of poor quality cost companies, and through other continuous improvement activities to improve the effectiveness of the quality management system and efficiency, so as to achieve the company's profits and lower cost of growing,
Five, through the third party audit instead of a registered the burden of the second party, the party of the professional factory audit review can deeper problems found by company regular surveillance audits to urge company personnel according to company's quality management system standard to work,
6 and quality system authentication is obtained qualification and supporting customers to enter the international market, the company is also the basis of supply chain management is very important.
The basic requirements of ISO9000 standard
Product quality is the key of enterprise's survival. Many factors influence the quality of products and rely solely on inspection of products from select qualified products. It is impossible to best cost steady production products.
Establish and implement an organization of quality system, should be able to meet the prescribed quality goals. Organization Ensure that influence the quality of technology, management and human factors are controlled. Both hardware and software, the flow of materials or service, all of the control should be aimed at reducing, eliminating unqualified, especially to prevent unqualified. This is the basic guiding thought of ISO9000, concretely embodied in the following aspects:
A process control, quality of all.
ISO9000 standard is based on the family "all work is accomplished through a process in such a" based on knowledge. An organization's quality management within the organization is based on all kinds of process management, it is about quality management of ISO9000 family theoretical basis. When an organization to implement quality system and quality system planning, the organization is combined with the specific situation should determine what process, and analyzes each process to determine the quality activities, should adopt the effective control measures and methods.
Second, the control process of starting point is to prevent unqualified.
In all phases of the product life cycle, from the initial identification of market demand to finally meet the requirements of all process control are embodies the thought of prevention. For example:
- control market research and marketing of quality, in accurately determine the market demand, on the basis of the development of new products, to prevent blindness caused by not suitable for market development needs and slow-moving, waste of manpower and material resources. - the quality control of the design process. Through the design review, design, design and activities to ensure the design requirements, ensuring the output satisfies input products meet the needs of users. Due to the design quality problems, causes the product quality and the defects of congenital unqualified, or causes losses to the process.
- the quality control of purchasing. Select qualified suppliers and control the quality of supply unit, ensure production out purchased parts, raw materials, in accordance with the provisions as a collaborative quality requirements, prevent to use unqualified product quality and outsourcing.
- the quality control process. Identify and implementation of appropriate production method, using appropriate equipment, maintain normal working ability and the work environment needed, the control effect of parameters and the personnel quality, ensure manufacturing skills with design requirements,
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